Plant Introductions by Suncrest Nurseries

One of the major elements of our work at Suncrest has been the testing and introduction of promising new plants for the enrichment of California gardens. This work has proceeded on several fronts. We select interesting California natives in the wild; make deliberate hybrids among our favorite plant groups in the nursery; choose superior individuals and strains from seedling batches; and make enthusiastic use of serendipity, in which new plants just "appear", thanks to the work of bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

You'll find a current listing of Suncrest introductions below, together with capsule descriptions. Use the page numbers at the bottom of the display to browse the full list. Click on any of the names that strike your fancy to see a fuller display of plant characteristics, cultural requirements and tolerances, and a picture if one is available. You'll also find a flyer on Suncrest introductions available from the Publications page.

Plant Name Capsule Description
Dahlia 'Night Fire' 4 feet. Many single violet flowers with fiery red centers, summer-fall.
Dicentra formosa 'Tuolumne Rose' Western bleeding heart; ferny foliage, rose pink flowers, honey scented.
Dierama pulcherrimum 'Summer Snow' Fairy wand; large snowy white bells on arching stems.
Drepanostachyum sengteeanum 'Ocean Spray' Slender stems, darker green leaves, better winter tolerance.
Echium fastuosum 'Cielo del Sur' To 5 feet x 8 feet. Long grey leaves, towers of bright blue flowers.
Epilobium (Zauschneria) canum 'El Tigre' Matting; very narrow grey-green leaves, scarlet flowers.
Epilobium (Zauschneria) canum 'Sierra Gold' Wide cream edges on grey leaves; pink flush on new leaves. Salmon orange flowers.
Epilobium (Zauschneria) septentrionale 'Wayne's Silver' California fuchsia; low mound, silvery leaves, scarlet flowers.
Erigeron 'W. R.' E. glaucus hybrid; sprays of lavender flowers, long bloom.
Eriogonum parvifolium 'Moss Landing' Dense 2 foot mound; dark green leaves, masses of light pink flowers.
Eriogonum 'Rosy Cushion' Rounded 5 inch tight mound. Rosy pink flowers in tight heads.
Eriophyllum confertiflorum 'Lucia's Gold' Golden yarrow. 12-18 inches high and wide. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Grey leaves.
Eriophyllum lanatum var. achilleoides 'Walker's Beauty' Grey divided leaves in tight mound. Masses of yellow flower heads, spring.
Erythrina crista-galli 'Red Lights' Suncrest selection. Cockspur coral tree; vivid red flowers, dark green leaves.
Festuca californica 'Blue Fountain' Elegant native grass; blue-green leaves, flower stems to 4 feet.
Festuca californica 'Gabilan Blues' Seed strain with blue grey leaves, dense clumps.
Festuca idahoensis 'Muse Meadow' Dense clump. Fine blue-green leaves, silvery flowers.
Festuca idahoensis 'Warren Peak' Compact tufts. Blue leaves, shiny stems and flower heads.
Fremontodendron californicum 'Spring Fever' Dark green leaves set on red stems, dark yellow flowers in spring.
Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor' 5 feet high, 10 feet wide; orange-tinged flowers on draping stems.