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Rare and Unusual

Our interest at Suncrest is in exploring the diversity of the plant kingdom for beautiful plants adaptable to cultivation in coastal California. Some of our offerings are widely shared in the nursery industry; many others, especially those from the wild and gifts from other plant enthusiasts, are either unusual or genuinely rare. Their beauty, not their rarity, is the object. But it is worth noting when something is out of the ordinary line of cultivated plants.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Oenothera caespitosa Densely clumping, to 12 inches. Long narrow leaves, huge white fragrant flowers.
Oenothera rosea Matting, with shiny green leaves. 1 inch bright rose pink flowers, spring-summer.
Origanum microphyllum hybrid To 1 foot+, upright. Tiny leaves, sprays of lavender-pink flowers on wiry stems.
Origanum rotundifolium Low and spreading, with round leaves, large pale green bracts in hop-like heads, tiny pink flowers.
Origanum 'Virginia Saso' Matting. Round leaves; large rose-colored bracts with flowers.
Orthrosanthus chimboracensis v. centroamericanus Iris-like clump to 12 inches. Showy sky blue flowers in clusters over the leaves.
Osmanthus fragrans forma aurantiacus Upright shrub; large, dark leaves; fragrant orange flowers in fall.
Osmanthus fragrans 'Nanjing's Beauty' COPF 12 feet+ high. Leathery leaves. Fragrant creamy flowers bloom 6 months.
Otatea glauca 15 feet+. Narrow weeping leaves. Silvery white culms. Clumping.
Oxalis brasiliensis Clumping, to 1 foot; fresh green leaves, vivid rose-colored flowers.
Oxalis hirta 8-12 inches, bright green leaves; vivid rose pink flowers in fall.
Oxalis oregana 'Klamath Ruby' Redwood sorrel. Red violet backed leaves. Light pink flowers.

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