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Rare and Unusual

Our interest at Suncrest is in exploring the diversity of the plant kingdom for beautiful plants adaptable to cultivation in coastal California. Some of our offerings are widely shared in the nursery industry; many others, especially those from the wild and gifts from other plant enthusiasts, are either unusual or genuinely rare. Their beauty, not their rarity, is the object. But it is worth noting when something is out of the ordinary line of cultivated plants.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Abutilon palmeri Native shrublet, to 2-3 feet. Furry grey leaves, bright apricot flowers.
Abutilon x suntense 'Soft Snow' Suncrest selection. Grey-fuzzy leaves; large, near white, wide-open flowers.
Acanthus spinosus Deep green leaves; pink and white flowers, bright red-violet hood.
Achillea abrotanoides 18 inches. Ferny, aromatic light green leaves; heads of yellow flowers.
Agapanthus 'Petite Blue' 1 foot+, low foliage clumps. Vivid blue purple flowers.
Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross' Narrow, shiny leaves; red-checkered bells hang from arching stems.
Agapetes serpens Snaky stems, narrow shiny leaves, bright red bells.
Agastache cana To 2 feet, branching. Clusters of 1 inch purplish pink flowers.
Agastache rupestris To 18 inches. Thin blue-grey aromatic leaves, salmon-orange flowers.
Agave gracilipes 2 feet high by 3 feet wide. Grey green tooth-edged rosettes, hardy.
Agave parryi Grey green toothed rosettes, 10 foot+ flower stem.
Allium cyathophorum var. farreri To 1 foot; dense clumps; dark red-purple flowers.
Allium senescens 'Blue Twister' Dwarf species; low grey leaves, dense heads of pink flowers.
Allium taquetii 1 foot. Grassy leaves, loose heads of purplish red flowers, summer.
Allium unifolium Showy native; 1-2 foot stems, dark pink flowers, spring.
Aloe cooperi Grass aloe, to 18 inches. Coral orange flowers in summer, low green leaves.
Aloe fosteri 2 foot high rosette, streaked green leaves. Flower stem to 5 feet, orange flowers.
Aloe humilis Spider aloe. 8 inch rosette, bumpy grey-green leaves. Orange flowers.
Aloe reitzii Large blue-grey rosette; spikes of orange flowers in summer.
Alstroemeria hookeri 4-8 inch flower stems. Dwarf, narrow leaves, broad pink flowers.

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