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Genus Species/Variety
Kniphofia thomsonii Kniphofia thomsonii
Kniphofia 'Tower of Gold' Kniphofia 'Tower of Gold'
Kniphofia uvaria 'Flamenco' Kniphofia uvaria 'Flamenco'
Kniphofia 'Yellow Cheer' Kniphofia 'Yellow Cheer'
Kniphofia 'Zululandii' Kniphofia 'Zululandii'
Koeleria macrantha 'Barkoel' Koeleria macrantha 'Barkoel'
Koeleria macrantha 'Irish Green' Koeleria macrantha 'Irish Green'
Koeleria macrantha 'Spanish Silver' Koeleria macrantha 'Spanish Silver'
Koelreuteria paniculata Koelreuteria paniculata