Download PDF Files of our Annotated Plant List and Flyers

The following plant list and informative flyers on plant groups of interest are available for download. Just click the link for the particular publication you desire. Please note that all publications are copyrighted and not for re-publication or other commercial use.

The Suncrest Catalog for 2016, public version. A complete list of plants to be offered for sale by Suncrest in the current year, with capsule descriptions. Includes abbreviated designations of geographical origin and special categorical lists for bamboos; bulbous, cormous and tuberous plants; grasses, sedges, rushes and restios; succulents; and ferns and fernlike plants.

Plants for a Thirsty State. Gardeners are being increasingly pressed to come to terms with California's limited water resources. This is a new publication describing the many water-conserving plants grown at Suncrest and how to use them.

New Abutilons for Summer. A descriptive listing of new Abutilon introductions produced by Patrick Worley at Suncrest.

Bamboos at Suncrest Nurseries. A brochure with full plant descriptions and cultural recommendations for a large collection of new and interesting bamboos.

Bulbs, Corms, Tubers at Suncrest Nurseries. Geophytes are plants that are uniquely adapted to withstand climatic challenges. They have developed bulbs, corms or tubers to survive a difficult season--whether a cold winter or a dry summer. Gardeners can enjoy many of these plants in the garden. This list presents a diversity of bulbous, cormous and tuberous perennials grown at Suncrest.

California Natives at Suncrest Nurseries. An annotated listing of the many California native plants grown at Suncrest. This includes some trees, many shrubs, perennials, succulents, bulbs, ferns and grasses.

Fragrant Plants at Suncrest Nurseries. Fragrance in plants ranges from subtle to intense. This is a listing of plants with notable leaf, flower or fruit fragrance grown at Suncrest Nurseries.

Grasses, Sedges and Rushes at Suncrest Nurseries. A descriptive listing of grasses and grasslike plants for garden and large-scale landscape use. It includes detailed specifications on size, habit, uses in the landscape and cultural tolerances.

Introductions by Suncrest Nurseries. Brochure lists the results of the continual process of plant selection, trials and introductions to our customers and the gardening public.

The Koala Blooms Introduction Program. The UCSC/Koala Blooms Plant Introduction Program has been the source of many interesting plants for California gardens. This listing includes many of the ones available at Suncrest.

Mints at Suncrest Nurseries. A descriptive listing of mint family plants grown at Suncrest. Few other groups offer so much enjoyment for so little effort.

Restios at Suncrest Nurseries. Restios are rushlike perennials that bring great form and texture to California gardens. Most of the ones we grow come from South Africa.

New Salvias at Suncrest Nurseries. A brochure with plant descriptions of our new Salvia hybrids. These have resulted from crosses between S. microphylla, S. greggii, S. x jamensis (a natural hybrid complex from northern Mexico), S. muelleri and others.

Succulents at Suncrest Nurseries. We have chosen our succulents with our California climate in mind, for the most part avoiding plants of the true deserts and trying out just the hardiest of some subtropical genera, like the aloes of South Africa.

Vines and Climbing Plants at Suncrest Nurseries. Gardeners long ago put vines to work covering fences, arbors, walls and even the trunks of trees. The fact that surprisingly many of them have lush, beautiful foliage and attractive–even spectacular–flowers has made them all the more useful.

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