Vitis californica 'Walker Ridge'

Common Name:
California wild grape
Plant Type:
Deciduous vine
Vitaceae (The Grape Family)
Geographic Origin:
California Native?:
Plant Size:
6-10 feet high and wide
Landscape/Garden Uses:
walls and fences
Flowering Season:
Flower Color:
Sun or light shade
Most soils
Suggested Irrigation:
Moderate to occasional watering
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 10 degrees F. or less
This selection of California grape was part of a maverick population found growing in serpentine soil, fully exposed, and considerably smaller and more colorful than normal. Maximum height and breadth should be around 10 feet. It has nearly round 3-4 inch leaves, light green with a greyish cast during the growing season and taking on the reds and oranges of some of the wine grapes in fall. Useful both as a vine and for ground cover, particularly on banks. The typical species is often seen along streams in northern California, clambering over willows and alders and making massive curtains of foliage during the summer months.