Rhamnus purshiana

Common Name:
Plant Type:
Deciduous shrub
Rhamnaceae (The Buckthorn Family)
Geographic Origin:
California Native?:
Plant Size:
12-30 feet
Landscape/Garden Uses:
Mixed plantings
Flowering Season:
Spring and summer
Flower Color:
Sun or light shade
Most soils
Suggested Irrigation:
Moderate watering
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 10 degrees F. or less
Large, shiny, neatly veined green leaves create an attractive foliage mass on this rounded shrub. Small green flowers are followed by ornamental black berries. This plant is found from northern California to British Columbia and east to Idaho. In California, it is generally seen as a large shrub though it can be tree-like in more northern sites. Plants can develop yellow to orange fall color. Although considered to be a deciduous shrub, cascara will often keep its leaves through mild winters. Sun or light shade, moderate watering.