Muscari macrocarpum

Common Name:
Yellow grape hyacinth
Plant Type:
Bulbous perennial
Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
Geographic Origin:
Mediterranean Region
California Native?:
Plant Size:
6-12 inches
Landscape/Garden Uses:
rock gardens
Flowering Season:
Flower Color:
Sun or light shade
Most soils
Suggested Irrigation:
Drought tolerant
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 10 degrees F. or less
Yellow grape hyacinth grows from large bulbs and makes colonies in time. The grey-green leaves are up to a foot long and tapered, curving out and down to the soil line. In early spring it produces 6-8 inch stems with up to thirty half-inch urn-shaped blossoms. These are purple in bud, becoming soft yellow when expanded. They have a delicious fragrance, combining elements of citrus, bananas, and who-knows-what else. Sun, most soils, preferably no irrigation in summer, when the bulbs are dormant. Hardy to 10 degrees F. or less.