Fuchsia procumbens

Common Name:

Plant Type:
Evergreen shrub
Onagraceae (The Evening Primrose Family)
Geographic Origin:
New Zealand
California Native?:
Plant Size:
Under 1 foot high
Landscape/Garden Uses:
shade gardens
Flowering Season:
Summer and fall
Flower Color:
Light orange
Light shade
Well-drained soil
Suggested Irrigation:
Regular to moderate watering
Estimated Hardiness:
Hardy to 20-25 degrees F.
This odd species is found in New Zealand. It is a trailing shrub, with slender, flexible stems lined by pairs of nearly round half inch leaves, deep green and shiny on their upper surface. The flowers stand out or up from the stems. They are up to three quarters of an inch long and colored an unusual pale orange, with powder blue anthers. The berries are large, bright red and quite decorative. Best in semi-shade, in loose, fertile soils with regular watering. Hardy to around 20 degrees F.