California Natives at Suncrest Nurseries Inc.

Though Suncrest Nurseries offers interesting plants from several continents, including much of the United States, a few of us are almost obsessively devoted to the native plants of California. We regularly stalk the wilds, always with at least a semiconscious "eye out" for potentially gardenworthy natives, and we bring back seeds and cuttings from nearly every trip. We also rely on friends at several California botanic gardens, and on passionate native plant gardeners, who bring us their plant treasures for trial and possible introduction. All in all, it may be the best part of our work here, and we're privileged to be able to contribute a wide offering of beautiful natives to California horticulture.

You'll find a lengthy list of our native offerings below, organized by pages to make it a bit more manageable. Click on the name of any plant on the list for a fuller display of plant characteristics and cultural needs and possibilities. Also be sure to download our flyer on native plants from the Publications page of this site, for easy reference offline.

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Plant Name Capsule Description
Agrostis [scabra] 8 inches. Fine textured dark blue green grass, clumping. From California mountain meadows.
Allium unifolium Showy native; 1-2 foot stems, dark pink flowers, spring.
Anemopsis californica Yerba manza; broad carpets, large white flowers. Rhizomatous.
Aquilegia eximia Red and yellow pendant flowers over lacy leaves.
Aquilegia formosa Western columbine; red and yellow flowers.
Aralia californica Elk clover. To 6 feet. Wide lush divided green leaves, cream flowers.
Arbutus menziesii Beautiful native tree; white flowers, red fruit, cinnamon bark.
Arctostaphylos 'Austin Griffiths' To 8 feet high and wide. Dense. Greyish green leaves, light pink flowers.
Arctostaphylos bakeri 'Louis Edmunds' To 6 feet; broad grey-green leaves, deep pink flowers.
Arctostaphylos densiflora 'Howard McMinn' 4-6 feet, bushy; shiny leaves, white & pink flowers.
Arctostaphylos densiflora 'Sentinel' 5-6 feet, bushy; grey-green leaves, pale pink flowers.
Arctostaphylos edmundsii 'Bert Johnson' To 1 foot high by 6 feet wide. Bronze new leaves.
Arctostaphylos edmundsii 'Big Sur' 3-5 feet. Mounding habit. Masses of white flowers with pink base.
Arctostaphylos edmundsii 'Carmel Sur' Fast, dense. 10 inches high x 6 feet wide, bronze new foliage, white flowers.
Arctostaphylos edmundsii 'Rosy Dawn' 12 inches high x 6 feet wide, Ken Taylor introduction. Red leaf edges.
Arctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet' Compact, prostrate; shiny leaves, white flowers.
Arctostaphylos hookeri 'Bright Beauty' Dense mounding shrub with bright green leaves. White flowers in spring.
Arctostaphylos hookeri 'Buxifolia' Low, compact, small-leaved selection with white flowers.
Arctostaphylos hookeri 'Monterey Carpet' Monterey manzanita; prostrate. 12 inches high by 6 feet wide.
Arctostaphylos hookeri 'Wayside' 4 feet high, 8 feet wide. White flowers, grey-green leaves.

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