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About Suncrest Nurseries Inc.

Suncrest Nurseries was founded in 1989 with the purchase of Leonard Coates Nurseries by Stan Iversen and a group of investors from the agricultural industry. Leonard Coates was a hundred-year-old nursery legendary for its work with California native plants, work that has been enthusiastically preserved and enhanced. In late 1991, Suncrest purchased Wintergreen Nursery. Wintergreen was a small, diverse operation devoted to new and unusual plants, including original native plant selections and flowering shrubs, perennials and bulbs from around the world.

From this combined base, we grew quickly both in sales and in the breadth of our plant palette. Our 3000-plus current selections reflect several different tangents, all aimed at enriching the variety of ornamental plants available to California gardeners. California natives are a dominant thread, and we continue to explore the wild for new gardenworthy plants. We also work extensively with plants of several other Mediterranean-climate regions, including the Mediterranean itself, South Africa, Australia and Chile. Among general plant categories, we offer a large collection of showy vines; many bamboos, both familiar and unusual; an eclectic mix of flowering shrubs; hundreds of herbaceous perennials; over 100 unusual bulbous, cormous and tuberous perennials; and a generous assortment of native and exotic ferns. The most recent addition is a bevy of grasses, sedges and rushes from the collection of John Greenlee.

A continuous stream of new plant selections, including a growing number of deliberate hybrids, are made here at the nursery. Others are made by our staff in the wild. For still others, we depend on a variety of commercial sources, botanic gardens and other institutions, and most of all, on gardening friends literally around the world, to whom we owe a great debt.

We have carved our own path in techniques of plant culture and presentation. Planting mixes are tailored to the needs of the plants at hand. Some incorporate materials like perlite for better drainage, making touchy plants easier to handle at their final destination. Cultures of beneficial fungi are added to our propagating mixes to reduce the need for fungicidal applications. The use of long-term osmotic fertilizers rather than line-injected nutrients improves overall growth, color and shelf life in a retail setting. Several plant groups that have been traditionally grafted for ease of propagation (wisterias, for example) are offered on their own roots, avoiding the future headache of unwanted suckers. Our practice of double-staking vines for a fuller, sturdier scaffold has become a model for the industry.

We have branched out on other fronts as well. All irrigation runoff is captured and reused at the main nursery yard. Nursery tractors are run on biodiesel, and this fuel is mixed with regular diesel for our delivery fleet.

We have always felt that a nursery that offers new and unusual plants should take responsibility for describing them properly. Accordingly, we have led the way with an informative prose plant guide, descriptive block and individual plant labels and well-detailed availability lists. We hope that you'll find this new edition of the Web site to be another valuable source of information.

Independent commercial nurseries are our primary route of distribution, because of their direct contact with the gardening public of California and the interest they have shown in trying the new and unusual. A second route is composed of rewholesalers with a flair for non-standard plants. We are also pleased to deal with licensed landscaping professionals.

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