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Genus Species/Variety
Salvia 'Radio Red' PP#26362 Salvia 'Radio Red' PP#26362
Salvia 'Red Swing' PP#26401 Salvia 'Red Swing' PP#26401
Salvia regla 'Royal' Salvia regla 'Royal'
Salvia repens Salvia repens
Salvia reptans (S. leptophylla) Salvia reptans (S. leptophylla)
Salvia reptans 'Willow Veil' Salvia reptans 'Willow Veil'
Salvia roemeriana Salvia roemeriana
Salvia 'Salmon Dance' PP#26361 Salvia 'Salmon Dance' PP#26361
Salvia 'Scarlet Spires' Salvia 'Scarlet Spires'
Salvia sclarea--tricolor form Salvia sclarea--tricolor form
Salvia semiatrata Salvia semiatrata
Salvia sessilifolia Salvia sessilifolia
Salvia 'Shell Dancer' PP#20680 Salvia 'Shell Dancer' PP#20680
Salvia 'Shirley's Creeper' Salvia 'Shirley's Creeper'
Salvia sinaloensis Salvia sinaloensis