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Genus Species/Variety
Penstemon Quartz TM Rose PPAF Penstemon Quartz TM Rose PPAF
Penstemon roseus Penstemon roseus
Penstemon rostriflorus (bridgesii) Penstemon rostriflorus (bridgesii)
Penstemon rydbergii Penstemon rydbergii
Penstemon secundiflorus Penstemon secundiflorus
Penstemon speciosus x ? Penstemon speciosus x ?
Penstemon spectabilis Penstemon spectabilis
Penstemon strictus Penstemon strictus
Penstemon 'Utah Natives' Penstemon 'Utah Natives'
Penstemon venustus Penstemon venustus
Pernettya mucronata 'Rubra' Pernettya mucronata 'Rubra'
Perovskia abrotanoides Perovskia abrotanoides
Perovskia 'Filigran' Perovskia 'Filigran'
Perovskia 'Little Spire' PP#11643 Perovskia 'Little Spire' PP#11643
Perovskia 'Longin' Perovskia 'Longin'