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Genus Species/Variety
Fargesia nitida Fargesia nitida
Fargesia papyrifera Fargesia papyrifera
Fargesia robusta Fargesia robusta
Fargesia rufa Fargesia rufa
Fargesia rufa 'Oprins Selection' Fargesia rufa 'Oprins Selection'
Fargesia sp.'Jiuzhaigou I' Fargesia sp.'Jiuzhaigou I'
Fargesia sp.'Scabrida' Fargesia sp.'Scabrida'
Fatsia japonica 'Variegata' Fatsia japonica 'Variegata'
Feijoa sellowiana Feijoa sellowiana
Feijoa sellowiana 'Unique' Feijoa sellowiana 'Unique'
Ferula [communis] Ferula [communis]
Festuca altissima Festuca altissima
Festuca amethystina 'Superba' Festuca amethystina 'Superba'
Festuca californica Festuca californica
Festuca californica 'Blue Fountain' Festuca californica 'Blue Fountain'