Welcome to Suncrest Nurseries Inc. Suncrest is a wholesale nursery situated near Watsonville, on California's Central Coast. Our 3000-plus current selections reflect several different tangents, all aimed at enriching the variety of ornamental plants available to California gardeners. California natives are a dominant thread. We also work extensively with plants of several other Mediterranean-climate regions. Major categories include showy vines; many bamboos, an eclectic mix of flowering shrubs, a diverse collection of flowering perennials; grasses and grasslike plants; bulbous, cormous and tuberous perennials, and ferns. Our special focus is on trial and distribution of worthy new plants, and on helping to revive interest in those which have been unfairly neglected over the years.

This site is maintained as an informational service for all interested parties. However, please note that Suncrest is a wholesale-only grower. We do not sell directly to the gardening public! Thank you for your interest.

Special Note: We have written a brief guide to getting the most out of this site. Click here to download it in pdf format.

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